No Cook Blender Soup

Until recently I was not very familiar with cold soups. Actually, the only one I knew was Gazpacho. It is OK, but nothing spectacular. I never gave too much thought to it or thought of any variation. Lately I’m finding ways to incorporate more and more raw food into my… Read more »


Quinoa Cucumber Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Summer salads are very refreshing and filling, while adding nutrients and fiber to our diet. This Quinoa Cucumber Tomato Mozzarella Salad is great for family dinner, picnic, barbeque or a party. If you are serving it immediately, you just need to mix chopped vegetables with cooked quinoa and dressing. If… Read more »


Amazing Mango Smoothie

Amazing Mango Smoothie is probably the best smoothie I’ve ever tasted. I created it one they after experimenting with various smoothie ingredients… Read more »


Hemp Seed Pesto

Regular pesto is always a good thing to have on hand. It can be used in so many ways: pasta dishes, potatoes,… Read more »


Vegan Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are excellent desserts, because they are low in calories but still satisfying sweet tooth. Recipe for this raw Vegan Fruit Salad… Read more »


Tortilla Pizza

If you are in the mood for pizza, but don’t want to spend time making the dough, the easiest thing you can… Read more »