Liquid “Nutella”

Last summer I tried hazelnut milk for the first time and was thrilled with it. It tasted like liquid nutella, except that it had no chocolate in it. I thought that I will have to try making it into a hot beverage, similar to hot chocolate. Since we are now… Read more »


Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Recipe for Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie comes from a blog that is, sadly, no longer updated. What attracted me the most was sweet potato topping and chickpeas filling. I added some tomato paste and oregano to the stew, but other ingredients remained, more or less, the same. Recipe for Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie… Read more »


Avocado Nog

What does avocado taste remind you of? To me avocado always tastes like the yolks of hard boiled eggs. For a long… Read more »


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte of this seasonal coffee shop favorite in your very own home and save some money! Using this homemade… Read more »


Date Paste

Date Paste (also called date syrup or date honey) is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners as it contains only pureed fruit… Read more »


Hemp Seed Butter

This is first time I’ve tried hemp seeds. I’ve found out they are most nutritious seed in the world: they are complete… Read more »